Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Week's Feature - Wayfaring Magnolia

Amanda loves art, music, fashion and life! She is trying to teach herself to design clothing and any other crafty skill that inspires her, so she created Wayfaring Magnolia. An Etsy shop where she can sell her creative creations. She says "don't be surprised if my shop changes often, my interests change often, everyday I find something new that inspires me." Currently she work as a professional musician/gypsy wherever people want to hear her sing.
She's always open to talking to fellow etsy peeps for possible business or collaboration. So please if you have any questions or anything please contact her.
Amanda's good eye for the vintage is evident in this lovely yellow prom dress. From vintage clothing to vintage painted phrases, one can find them right here in Amanda's shop.

With that said you know what to do...
1. Click the links in this blog and make Amanda's "Wayfaring Magnolia" shop a favorite and don't forget follow the blog.
2. If you see something you like, buy it.
3. If you like my blog, don't forget to follow me too.
4. See ads that interest you, click through and explore.
5. By all means enjoy, have fun and live life to its fullest because tomorrow isn't promised