Friday, October 8, 2010

BESTeam - Swing Station Studio

This week's feature is Swing Station Studio, and Heather has somee cute swing purses. Take a peak at what Heather has to say, "while I grew up in gorgeous New Mexico, I now call the mountains of Colorado home. I live in beautiful Fort Collins with my amazing husband and fluffy doggie Ginger. A college art graduate, making things is a hobby of mine, and though not my primary job (yet!), it is my primary passion. My current goals are to expand my business, meet new artists and Etsians, and one day actually organize all my art supplies. One step at a time!"

I love this peace symbol fabric, it is just too hard to resist.

This Easter Bunny bag is nice for carrying little essential.

Heather also has a nice blog with the same name Swing Station Studio, that you should visit.
With that said you know what to do...
1. Click the links in this blog and make Swing Station Studio a fan, heart her shop and don't forget follow the blog.
2. If you see something you like, buy it.
3. If you like my blog, don't forget to follow me too.
4. See ads that interest you, click through and explore.
5. By all means enjoy, have fun and live life to its fullest because tomorrow isn't promised.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

BESTeam - Ellesbeads

Wow Elles Beads has been a busy artist, and the shop has pages and pages to purchase from. Read what she has to say about her shop in her own words.....

I love taking recycled goods, donated and discarded items, and gorgeous beads to create new jewelry and accessories. I make vintage-inspired jewelry with charms and findings from eras gone by. I also repurpose modern fabrics for my fabric brooches and pins. I believe that simple items can be used to make something extraordinarily beautiful and that's what I try to accomplish with my Etsy shop.

In addition to jewelry and accessories, I make bottle cap and other upcycled magnets which you can find in my Zibbet shop at

I'm a proud member of four Etsy teams, the NC Triangle Etsy Street Team, the Handmade Artists Forum Team, the Boosting Etsy Shops Team, and the Queer Team. Please see the Queer Team's collective shop to benefit charity and check out the jewelry I've donated:

I also write a blog which you can find at The Elle's Beads Blog is a resource for both customers and fellow artisans alike. I review major fashion trends and artisan resources, as well as keep readers up-to-date on where I'm selling and what I'm creating.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to convo me at any time. I'd love to talk to you!


In the age of the biggest tv screens ever, this tiny "Big TV" set is just the cutest.

I love flowers, and flowers have become the hip focal jewelry pieces, for today's fashion savy ladies.

I am truly into big rings. This piece shouts out take a look at me. Yes this ring will become a discussion item.

Please do visit the shop and pick out some new accesories for yourself or someone else.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Moonangelnay - BESTeam Feature

Moon Angel is a pretty talented photographer. As a photographer she has an eye for finding some amazing shots. Take a moment to see what she says about herself and her art "My name is Naomi. I am a passionate artist, digital artist and photographer (now a member of Photographers on Etsy - POE Team and fPOE). I'm am also an avid blogger that features sellers each week that have 0-19 sales, and guest post on Handmade Spark each week.
I'm inspired by the human form, philosophy, nature, free will and color. A fine art artist at heart, yet I have an ever changing abstract style which has also drifted into my digital art work.
I try to bring contrasting duality into my work, highlighting my interests in both light and dark and the veil inbetween through form, color, mantra and poetry to bring forth my objective to brand my work as more than just physical art or home decor, but something to think about.
I love to base my variety of art work on the affinity i perceive an object to have with it's environment which can give a spiritual ambience to what I do. I love spectral brightness and the gothic glamor of monotone, instead of being quite the opposite, can be meshed together like light refracting through broken darkness".

Isn't it neat how the bubbles make a heart.

This flower is stunning!

Look she even turns her art into wearable art. That is pretty neat. Do take the time to visit her blog and her etsy shop. When you get there you know what to do, heart the shop, follow the blog and find something to you like to have.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ardent Reverie - BESTeam Weekly Feature

Ardent Reverie is a pretty neat shop with a varied collections of beautiful finds. Take a moment to read what they say about their shop.

We are two crazy sisters working like crazy in our tiny room to create unique handmade items. We love creating new things that inspire us so that we can share them with you. Please check back for new items as they are added regularly.
You can also get more information about us by visiting our blog,

This purple flower is stunning. This headpiece would dress up any ones hair.

This black and white necklace calls to the positive and negative in life. It is a statment piece at best.

This neat scull cap is truely todays fashion item.
Please do visit the girls shop and their blog, they have quite a bit "going on".

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cadiwompus - BESTeam Weekly Featured

Hello! Cadiwompus is a "13 year old kid making cute stuff" for other's enjoyment, just to quote her words. She is definetly correct. She has created some cute cool items. Her little t-shirts are eye-striking and colorful. This creative 13 old also had her own blog which you need to check out!!! Cadi didn't say much about herself, but I am totally impressed with this young lady. Think about it she is barely a teen and she has her own Etsy website, which has over 40 items for sale in it. Her photos are cear and exciting. (I am sorry haven't learned how to link her images back to her shop, so do make an effort to visit her shop. In the meantime I will look to fix this problem.)

The tops above are just a sampling of Cadi's talent. The Fancy Tank and New Dream Catcher Tank are their names. The added embellsihments decorating these tops take them to a different level of adornment. Cadi loves adding embellishments to the necklines of her tanks. You name it she has used it; flowers, buttons, even zippers.

This Big Bangle Bracelet is so fun looking. I love it, and Cadi loves it too. It is made from a sturdy piece of cardboard. It's wrapped with bright coral pink Baby rib knit, and topped off with a big flower! It would look great with any of her tanks! Slips easily on and off! Hip Recycled Fashion!

The Back to School Junk Jar is unique creation. This jar is all your school stuff! Such as pencils, scissors, tape, stickers, glue sticks, and much more! This a 100% recycled cup, made from recycled stuff. It was painted, and collaged onto it to make it cuter, it is 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide at the bottom.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Clevercraft - this week's feature

Clevercraft is own by Jenni who is about to move to Lansing, Michigan. She is just starting to concentrate on her little shop and run it as a more professional business, so she asks that you bear with her while she learns more each day.
She enjoy many different kinds of crafts. She does a lot of quilting, sewing, crocheting, cross-stitching, beading, scrapbooking, and anything else she finds interesting! Due to her tendency to be over-excited and buy too many materials,she has turned her hobbies into a little bit of a money maker for herself. And she is always finding new ideas, so check back frequently! Make sure you also check out her blog Clever Corner.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Color Inspiration

I found these pretty colors on Humblebeads' website. I decided to post them on my website as a remimder to myself to consider using these colors when I create jewelry this fall. Tell me what you think of these colors.

Well I am drawn to the "Living Coral". I have had a love affair with coral color family for serval years now. I may need to look to my color wheel to see the contrast and complimentary colors for coral.