Friday, August 6, 2010

Straight Parts

Well, I went to a hair stylest to get my hair done. Tisha from the Bronx. She was tenacious at best. Let me tell you why. My hair was locked about 4 years ago. (I didn't keep the date and life was hectic at the time.) Shortly after locking I noticed that I did not have fine defined parts in my hair. I couldn't even get a decent side part for the front. Needless to say I was a bit angry, because I paid this sister to do my hair correctly. I had enough talent to part and twist my own hair, but I could not guarantee that the back was neat. I really only went to her for the back. I assumed she would do a good job with the front. That's what I get for 'assuming', you know that say "an ass out of you and me", but enough crying over spilt milk. Four years later with no one attempting to repart my hair - Tisha accomplished a miracle she created straight parts. It is nice to know that I now have straight parts. Now that I have found Tisha I will go periodicly because she did a wonderful job washing, conditioning and twisting my hair, but I am not fond of the amount of scalp showing. My hair is thin and has always been thin, so I like my locs to pump-up close to the scalp - it hides the fact that I have thin hair.

I am happy that I went natural. No more relaxers and short hair for me. I now have hair that I like to pull up off my neck in the summer.

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